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Wissenschaft/Science Research Help

Jan. 2024: In Englisch mit Hinweis zum Dienst und ob Login nötig ist. Von Andy Stapleton @ YT

  1. Consensus1: It is an AI-powered search engine that finds and summarizes scientific research papers. To use Consensus, you need to create an account1.
  2. Scholarly Assistant2: It is an AI assistant developed by Jenni AI to help with academic writing. It offers both free and paid features2.
  3. Paper Interpreter3: It is a tool that helps users understand academic papers. The usage details, including whether it’s free or requires a login, are not specified in the search results3.
  4. Scholar AI4: It is a website designed to help students with note-taking and learning. It offers both free and paid features4.
  5. Scholar GPT5: It is an AI model developed by OpenAI. It offers a subscription service for $20 per month, promising faster response times and priority access to new features. A free trial version is also available5.
  6. Academic Assistant Pro6: It acts as a professional academic assistant providing support with a professorial touch. The usage details, including whether it’s free or requires a login, are not specified in the search results6.
  7. Academic Research Reviewer7: It is a literature review generator that uses AI to provide comprehensive and meticulously curated literature reviews. The usage details, including whether it’s free or requires a login, are not specified in the search results7.
  8. Herisa or Urisa1: It seems there might be some confusion here. I couldn’t find an AI service named “Herisa”. However, URISA is an association for GIS professionals1. It doesn’t seem to be an AI tool for academic research.
  9. OpenRead234: OpenRead is an AI-driven platform that enables users to efficiently access and interact with papers. It offers a Paper Q&A tool to quickly answer any queries, a Paper Espresso feature to build and refine literature reviews, an AI-powered reading assistant, a low code editor, and an effective notes system3It provides thousands of free and pre-made journal paper templates for easy kicking-off3Most features on OpenRead can be unlocked for $5/month4.
  10. Explain Paper5678: ExplainPaper is a website that uses AI to summarize scientific research papers. Users can upload a paper, highlight confusing text, and get an explanation5It makes understanding complex scientific papers easy8.
  11. PaperBrain91011: PaperBrain is a free AI tool that allows users to explore and understand research papers better10It lets users search for a topic and it will show results relevant to their search10.
  12. Einblick121314: Einblick is an AI-native data notebook that writes and fixes code, plots beautiful charts, builds models, and much more12It doesn’t specify whether it’s free or requires a login12.
  13. Tavaly15is an AI tool for rapid insights and comprehensive research15.

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