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Privacy: Protection of data

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679 / GDPR), national laws and Interpretations of the data protection authority (IT).

Responsible for Data Processing and Protection: Rottensteiner C., contact/link see listed above

Types of Collected and Processed Data
The website uses access information of the Used Browser: for standard logs of the web server (Apache hosted by, Germany, EU); to determine the preferred language; to avoid automated unwanted submissions; to avoid harmful activities and to protect the website from attacks, security logs are stored for 21 days (iThemes Security, Sucuri SiteCheck). Cookies: we try to restrict cookies to the WordPress CMS (including Plugins) and set by the website itself. External services: we try to avoid that any external servers are contacted by WordPress and Plugins on our website. Analytics Apps help us to understand the interest of the page visitors and possibly improve structure and content. If you follow links to external services like Social Media please consult the provided privacy info. Facebook (incl. WhatsApp, Instagram): Privacy, Cookies, Terms, Ads, Data Protection, USA. Google (incl. YouTube, Analytics, Maps): Privacy, Cookies/Manage, TOS/YT, USA. Twitter: Privacy, Cookies, Terms, Configuration, USA.
Data Provided Voluntarily by Users: this data will only be transmitted to third parties if necessary to the process of responding to the inquiry (no third parties for marketing or profiling purposes).

Purpose and Legal Basis Data Processing

  1. analysis functioning of the website, traffic, usability and interest;
  2. communications in general via phone, e-mail or other message systems (;
  3. to fulfill a contract of which the interested person is a party or to take pre-contractual measures; this includes financial bookkeeping, contracts, purchasing, and sales
  4. compliance with legal or business obligation as for public authorities, banks, insurance companies, or law offices;
  5. for legal claims;

There is no mandatory communication of data, a failure to provide voluntary data could prevent support and business relationships as well as interfere with legal obligations.

Recipients of the Data are the Data Processing Officer and his authorized family members and employees with proper office practice for data protection. The data is stored either in the office or in the own secure storage of service providers (webserver, emailboxes). Handling business inquiries and legal obligations can include communication to third parties. 

Transfer of Data by assigned personnel including occasional maintenance and are bound by confidentiality. Electronic or analogue processing shall be in accordance with the core wine business.

Retention Period of Personal Data: storage for the time necessary to carry out the purposes for which it was collected and later shall be deleted or made anonymous, except for legal regulations (bookkeeping/tax, etc.).

There are no automated decision-making processes.

The Data Subject’s Rights: anyone may learn the type and purpose of the own data, the recipients, and the possible forwarding of the data and may correct or delete it. Consent can be withdrawn at any time. Please use the contact addresses as listed above.

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